About Us

Tank Essential is a company with a singular focus – to provide women with high quality tank tops that are customized for the individual and serve as the foundation to any outfit.

It is the simple solution to a problem most women encounter.  Most tanks and camisoles are made of low quality fabric that does not hold up in the laundry, offer no support, or too little coverage to wear them without a bra underneath.  In 2008, unable to find a longer length tank top and weary of the bunching and bulk that is created when you layer a bra, a camisole and a blouse or t-shirt, the Tank Essential team set out create something better.  Something customized to each woman’s individual needs.  Tank Essential was born.

Today, women around the world can build the Tank that is just right for them.  Visit our Tank Builder to create your custom Tank Essential tank.  With free standard shipping everyday, your Tank will deliver within 7-10 days.


 Tank Essential Values

It starts and ends with you.
Our purpose is to meet our customers’ needs.  Tank Essential originated as a solution to a common problem.  Every decision we make regarding manufacturing, product design, website functionality, and distribution is made with our customer in mind.  Customer feedback is the cornerstone of our business.
Provide value for the money.
Tank Essential respects our customers and their pocket books.  We are committed to providing the highest quality product that exceeds expectations, at a competitive price.  
Quick. Simple. Customized.
Tank Essential offers an efficient, simple shopping experience, resulting in our customers finding tank tops that fits their unique needs.
Focus is key.
Tank Essential believes in doing one thing well.  Our sole focus is creating tank tops that are customized for each individual woman’s needs and desires.